About us

In September 2021 we began an in-person Biblical Studies Institute for those living in Blacksburg and the New River region.  

Our goal is to provide courses for those seeking college level classes in Systematic Theology, Biblical studies, and introductions to the Biblical languages. We hope in the future to add Church History.

Classes will be open to residents in the New River Valley, and will be held at Blacksburg Christian Fellowship, 2300 N. Main Street, Blacksburg. The tuition is modest and will go to defray the cost of building use.

Who are we? We are a local group of men with pastoral, missionary, and educational experience who have a heart to see Christians, and their churches, grow in biblical and theological depth. As for myself, I am a semi-retired minister with 35 years of pastoral experience (and a bit more time on my hands). I’ve taught adult classes and served as a mentor for seminary interns, as well as tutoring young men in theology, ministry, and NT Greek.  

Our doctrinal position is conservative and evangelical. A more detailed statement of doctrine is available upon request.

We cordially invite your participation with us!

Warmly in Christ,

Sandy Young 



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