Fall 2022 classes

SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY 1. This course will begin a series on Christian doctrines. We will explore the truths of Scripture and place them into a coherent biblical worldview. This semester we will address the topics of revelation (that is, how God has revealed himself to us), theology proper (who God is, and what he does), and biblical anthropology (what it means to be human). We will use a seminar approach with readings and discussions. Texts will include the Bible, Introducing Christian Doctrine by Millard Erickson, and Systematic Theology by Louis Berkhof (available online), along with supplemental readings.  Instructors: Sandy Young, Dean Bork, and Neil Damgaard. 

INTRODUCTION TO NT GREEK. This class will continue studying Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar by William Mounce, beginning with participles and non-indicative moods. Part of the class each evening will be spent in translation and exposition of selected biblical texts, demonstrating the use of the original languages in ministry and pastoral settings. New students with some basic knowledge of Greek, and pastors wishing to refresh their study of the language, are cordially invited to participate. Instructor: Jeff Graf. 

INTRODUCTION TO BIBLICAL HEBREW.  This class will continue to work on the basics of Old Testament Hebrew, using the text, A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew by J. Weingreen. New students who have familiarity with the Qal stem, and pastors wishing to refresh their study of the language, are cordially invited to attend.  Instructor: Mark Broomell.


CLASS TIMES: 6:30 TO 7:45 pm. 

LOCATION: Rooms 141 and 142 on the first floor of Blacksburg Christian Fellowship at 2300 N. Main Street in Blacksburg. Please use the front entrance of the building. Note the change of rooms. Also, the NT Greek class has moved off-site and meets on Wednesday mornings.  

Web: www.biblicalstudies.group

Email: bsiblacksburg@outlook.com

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