Spring 2023 classes

SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY 2. This course will conclude an introduction to Christian doctrine. We will continue to explore the truths of Scripture and place them into a coherent biblical worldview. This semester we will address the following topics: the Person and Work of Christ, the Holy Spirit, Salvation, the Church, and the Last Things. We will use a seminar approach with readings and discussions. Texts will include the Bible, Introducing Christian Doctrine by Millard Erickson, and Systematic Theology by Louis Berkhof (available online), along with supplemental readings. 

The classes for NT Greek and Biblical Hebrew will continue with the current students.

DATES: THURSDAYS, JANUARY 19 – APRIL 27, 2022, with a scheduled break.  

CLASS TIMES: 6:30 TO 7:45 pm. 

LOCATION: Room 141 on the first floor of Blacksburg Christian Fellowship at 2300 N. Main Street in Blacksburg. Please use the front entrance of the building. The NT Greek class has moved off-site and meets on Wednesday mornings.  

Web: www.biblicalstudies.group

Email: bsiblacksburg@outlook.com

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