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Book release

The Rev. Neil Damgaard (Th.M., D.Min.), one of our theology instructors, has edited and released a new book on the topic of spiritual abuse in religious groups. It is now available on Amazon. Neil brings a wealth of pastoral experience to his lectures. This spring's course, "Introduction to Theology," will address how faith and knowledge relate to each other.   

Spring classes begin Feb 3

"The mind is good -- God put it there. He gave us our heads and it was not his intention that our heads would function just as a place to hang a hat." (A. W. Tozer) We are just two weeks out from the beginning of spring semester. Register now to insure you have a place! Go to our home page, click on the menu in the upper left, and tell us which class you'd like to attend. 

history of the reformation

Why study the Reformation? Steven Nichols writes, " If he said it once, Martin Luther said it a hundred times: 'The church’s true treasure is the gospel.' Luther lived at a time when this true treasure had been traded for something worth far less. As a monk, he stood in a long line of succession that stretched back through centuries of theologians and churchmen who had heaped up layer upon layer of extrabiblical teaching and practice, obscuring the church’s true treasure of the gospel. Like scaffolding that surrounds and hides the beauty of a building, these layers needed to be torn down so the object that mat­tered could be seen without hindrance and without obstruction. Luther, with a little help from his friends, tore down the scaffolding, revealing the beauty and wonder of the gospel for the church once again. Luther called his own (re)discovery of the gospel a 'breakthrough'..." ( Steven J. Nichols ) The Biblical Studies Institute is offering a course thi

Happy 2022!

  Why not come study with us this spring?! Click the tabs above to see our class listing for spring and our instructors.  "Our goal is not to teach people to come to know something about God, but to come to know and love him, and to be known and loved by him." (Os Guinness, Fool's Talk )