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Spring update

We are thankful for 21 students attending the three class offerings this spring! Tonight is the second evening of classes, and there's still time to join in!  It was a disappointment to me not to be able to include our church history course this spring. Perhaps the lesson is that we shouldn't offer too many classes at a time. Several of you told me that you had difficulty choosing between Intro Theology and History of the Reformation, because you really wanted to attend both! We will surely take that in consideration as we plan for the future. Our goal with BSI is not merely acquiring biblical and theological content . What we know, and how we know, must come from the Lord, for we are made in his image, and made to know him. We are interested in thinking God's thoughts after him, in order that we might know him better . We want to take seriously the words of Hosea, "Let us know; let us press on to know the LORD; his going out is sure as the dawn; he will come to us