theology class update

"Far from being dry or abstract, Christian doctrine deals with the fundamental issues of life: namely, who am I, what is the ultimate meaning of the universe, where am I going?" (Millard Erickson, Introducing Christian Doctrine)

The fall semester of the Systematic Theology I class will begin in two weeks (Sept. 15). If you plan to take this class, we request that you let us know by next Thursday, Sept. 8. You can register by going to our home page and using the menu in the upper left-hand corner.

The text we will be using is Introducing Christian Doctrine, by Millard Erickson (Ph.D., Northwestern University). The author has served both as pastor and professor for many years. He was professor of theology and academic dean at Bethel University seminary, and also Distinguished Professor of Theology at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. He has authored over 20 books.

We will also include some supplemental readings. The reading assignments will cover about 30 pages each week and will include key biblical passages to study. Our class time will primarily be structured around group discussion. In the fall semester we will study the biblical doctrines concerning God, revelation, and the nature of humanity.  

Registration deadline: September 8.   


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